-    Be the bridge and tie between government and firms, strengthen the development of the whole industrial chain of engineering consultancy, and perform the functions of “providing service, reflecting demands, regulating practice and promoting harmony”.

-    In accordance with mandates from the government, participate in research and formulation of related laws, regulations, development programs, industrial standards as well as management of the industry.

-    Formulate and implement the industrial code of ethics, regulate the conduct of members, promote integrity management, establish industrial credit evaluation system, improve the mechanism of industrial self-discipline and constraint, and maintain a fair and competitive market.

-    Conduct survey and statistics, organize academic exchanges, follow up the latest development trends, collect and disseminate information, discuss and study the theoretical and practical issues pertaining to the industry like the goals, policies and management, and provide advice on industrial development and legislation to the government.

-    Promote exchanges and dissemination of best practices among the members. Organize symposiums and training programs to improve the comprehensive quality of professionals, help them enhance innovation ability and improve management.

-    Represent the Chinese engineering consulting industry in FIDIC, fulfill due responsibilities and obligations; conduct communications with international non-governmental organizations, enterprises and financial institutions; provide guidance and facilities for members’ overseas networking activities.

-    Participate in related investigations on behalf of the Chinese engineering consulting industry and mediation of disputes involving the industry. Report to the government the proposals and demands of the members and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the industry and the members.

-    Undertake review and identification of Grade A qualification of engineering consulting firms,as mandated by the National Development and Reform Commission.

-    Conduct National Professional Qualification/Proficiency Examination of Consulting Engineers and issue the Certificates of Consulting Engineers.

-    Undertake registration for practice of consulting engineers.

-    Organize judging and awarding of Engineering Consulting Excellence Awards on a biennial basis.

-    Provide on-line and off-line training courses and workshops for continuing education of consulting engineers.